Count the Days

What if I told you you had one day to live. Would you think it reasonable to focus on materialism, old grudges, jealousy, anger and the like. Of course not.  What if I gave you one week. One month. Six months. Of course not. When does it become ‘rational’ to waste time with such clutter?  The answer is never.


A Simple Lesson

(Excerpt from a letter to a friend)
I am not completely sure how this has happened, but it has been through my journey into mortality, into contemplating where I have been and where I am going, that I have learned the simplest and most profound lesson of all:  all of us, you and I, can have more than one life–the one which we have lived to this moment, and the one that we can live from this moment on.  And it is a wonderful lesson: the weight of the past and the fear of the future can be trumped by embracing all that the present has to offer. This is not hiding or denying what has happened or what is to come. Rather it is pausing and welcoming into our lives everything that surrounds us now in a way that past and future lose their grip upon us.