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Bhutan – by Jeffrey Piehler


Those fortunate enough to visit Bhutan will emerge changed by the experience. They will have been awed by its vistas and charmed by the profound simplicity of its people who have much to teach about what is important in life. It is indeed a magical place. Copies are available at this link.


Illustration for NY Times by Robert G. Fresson

Ashes to Ashes, but First a Nice Pine Box

The New York Times | Sunday Review | OPINION | Feb. 1, 2014

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. — NOT long ago, my wife and I had a good friend over for a glass of wine. We had drunk just enough to feel pleasantly liberated in thought. Or at least that’s how I felt. Probably that’s why it seemed a good moment to bring it up. So, I calmly announced to my wife: “I’m going to build my own coffin. I just thought you should know.”


Prairie Village Surgeon Confronts Death By Building His Own Coffin

KCUR Up To Date | 11:17 AM | Tue. Feb. 18, 2014

By Steve Kraske, Beth Lipoff and Cody Newill

It’s one thing for a doctor to counsel a seriously-ill patient about how to deal with his illness and how to face the idea of death. But imagine going from being the doctor to being the patient.


Dying Doctor And Woodworker Forge Tight Bond While Building Coffin 

KCUR Community Radio Story | 8:15 AM | Wed. May 7, 2014

By Laura Ziegler
Local woodworker and artist Peter Warren met Dr. Jeff Piehler, a retired thoracic surgeon, at an art opening some years ago. But last year, the doctor came to visit Warren at his studio with an unusual request.