My Life with a Camera 


Everybody with a cellphone is equipped to record unanticipated moments that impact them; and I have seen many absolutely gorgeous images so captured. But having the capacity to photograph–even if one is impressively equipped–does not make one a photographer. 

I think a photographer is someone who has chosen a camera to satisfy a yearning to artistically record their view of the world. Certainly there are moments when an image fortuitously appears, but more often a photographer actively seeks out an image that reflects an inner voice. 

As an obligate introvert who is also a photographer, I seek to record moments that celebrate and give dignity to solitude, both in nature and in people. I am drawn to persons who wordlessly articulate soulful strength. To the extent that beauty is found therein, so do I find peace in my relationship to the world. 

Originally posted at Redpoint Collective photographic exhibit September 2014